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More than 50 percent of economic development benefits are never realized by the companies awarded contracts.
Nearly 80 percent of companies’ current technology infrastructure does not meet the needs of compliance operations.1
More than $20 billion in lost benefits in the last five years.
1. Corporate Compliance & Ethics Data Survey: Facts & Analysis, Consero Group, June 10, 2015.

A secure, web-based benefit calculation and incentive tracking solution.

Direct Data Uploads

Allows non-personal HR and payroll data to be uploaded directly from ERP system exports, maintaining employee privacy

Benefit Calculations

Captures and calculates headcount-based incentive benefits by project and tracks headcount trends to easily identify claw-back concerns or potential new projects

Base Job Maintenance

Manual or automatic backfilling of vacant base jobs

Access Control

Restricts user access to projects and sensitive employee data at your discretion

Control Lists

Contains contact lists of all parties involved in each project

Audit Trail

Provides audit trail of changes and audit-ready documentation

Multiple tools for reporting and auditing credits and incentives.

A benefit calculation and incentive tracking solution.

A convenient review and audit tool for states and municipalities.

An at-a-glance solution providing employment and facility metrics.

Coming in 2017

What our customers say:

“IncentiLock’s system is easy to use. We upload data from our HR system and produce standard reports without having to set up detailed templates. It takes all the pain out of reporting and managing audit files. And we get a higher payback from our negotiated incentives.”

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