Securing Credit Incentive Assets

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More than 50 percent of economic development benefits are never realized by the companies awarded contracts.
Nearly 80 percent of companies’ current technology infrastructure does not meet the needs of compliance operations.1
More than $20 billion in lost benefits in the last five years.
1. Corporate Compliance & Ethics Data Survey: Facts & Analysis, Consero Group, June 10, 2015.

Unlock your incentive awards and secure benefits through Incentilock - a secure, web-based benefit calculation and incentive tracking solution.

What does IncentiLock do?

IncentiLock automates government tax credit program reporting related to Jobs, Historic Preservation, New Markets, etc. -- essentially any compliance requiring jobs data

Who Uses IncentiLock?

Governments, companies, non-profits, and state-sponsored entities awarded government funds that require periodic jobs data reporting

How Does IncentiLock Work?

IncentiLock is a cloud-based SaaS product that receives non-PII data via Excel upload

Private and Secure

Restricts user access to projects and sensitive employee data at your discretion

Increases Productivity

Reduces time spent calculating benefits and completing reports by up to 80%

Intelligent System

Uses existing payroll data reports to capture and automate headcount incentive benefit calculations and government reporting

Easy to use

Accepts data from existing system reports.
No rework, no templates


Provides contemporaneous data for
at-a-glance project status

A fully automated compliance process that increases productivity, maximizes benefits, and allows more time to be spent on strategy and planning.


Multiple tools for reporting and auditing credits and incentives.

A benefit calculation and incentive tracking solution.

A convenient review and audit tool for states and municipalities.

An at-a-glance solution providing employment and facility metrics.

Missouri WBE Certificate #12474 Effective 3/4/2018

$6 per new job committed* + $1 per base job to maintain*

Incentive benefits vary by program and job pay.
We estimate the average monthly benefit per new job at $125
Annual license fee is less than 6% of annual new job benefits

* Conditions apply. Special pricing available for multiple awards, large headcounts and incentivized retained jobs

Example: If your Incentive Award includes 200 Base Jobs and a commitment for 100 New Jobs, your estimated annual fee is $9,600

For more details

License Fee Calculator

$0,000* per month, billed annually

* Conditions apply. Special pricing available for multiple awards, large headcounts and incentivized retained jobs

Strategic Implementation Partners


What our customers say:

“IncentiLock Report has taken a manual, tedious process and streamlined it into a tool that manages, calculates, and reports results. This software saves time and resources and enables us to maximize incentives for our clients. IncentiLock is the future of incentive compliance.”

“Our data from a 3rd party payroll system uploads into IncentiLock easily—even before we use API integration. We’re thrilled with the efficiency!”

“IncentiLock’s system eliminates the pain of managing base jobs in high turnover facilities—a huge time saver for us! We know our total net job count immediately after uploading.”

“I’ve been looking for a product like this for over a year and no other product exists.”

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the features!"

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